A Tiny Tome on Typography

Taz Hair 14 – 'a'.

by Messrs Murphy and Shiflett

Meet ‘Glyph’, the world’s most compact typography journal. Published weekly, ‘Glyph’ offers a small, but carefully crafted dose of typographic inspiration, designed to widen your typographic horizons and introduce you to typefaces you haven’t met yet.

Designed for BERG’s Little Printer, ‘Glyph’ was one of the first publications to be approved by the BERG team. We were honoured to be in the line up of publications listed at Little Printer’s launch, sharing the top billing alongside the likes of The Guardian, The Times, BBC Worldwide, Google, Instagram and Foursquare. We’re sure you’ll agree, that’s fine company indeed.

We’re hard at work developing a mobile-friendly version of ‘Glyph’ so everyone can enjoy it. Follow @getglyph to be notified the moment it goes live.